Garage Doors

garage door and front fence

We have a great variety of products that will cover all of your garage door needs.

Automated garage doors that you can open or close with the press of a single button. They are great for getting in and out of the garage without needing to get out of the car when it is raining.

If you are after something more traditional, we also supply and install all variants of manual garage door systems.

Adding a front fence and gate is a great first line of defence if you are looking to increase your home's security. Automatic motor powered sliding and swing gates and front fences to keep the kiddies / animals from running out onto the road.

Window Shutters are another great way to protect your home as well as helping regulate the temperate of your home in all weather. Window Shutters are a very effective way to keep the warm inside in winter whilst also keeping the heat out in summer. It'll definitely help keep those aircon electricity figures down! See our range and contact us for further information and advice.

timber gate and fence

We aren't limited to the products and services featured on this website. If there is something in particular you are after and can't find it in this product catalogue be sure to contact us and we will do our best to source it for you.