Garage Door Services

custom garage door services

A garage door is usually the largest piece of equipment being regularly used in your home. It's treatment is often neglected and it's performance usually taken for granted.

However, just like your car, boat or motorbike, it also needs to be serviced. Abeta recommends that you service your garage door once a year - it has been proven that your garage door's hardware can last more than twice as long with yearly servicing.

This could save you thousands in a replacement in the long run.


  General Service and Call Out Fee
     * Does not include Emergency or Same Day call out
     * Parts extra
     * Labor exceeding 1/2 hour extra

  New Springs
     * Standard sizes only
  New Hinges 
      * Standard sizes only
$15 each
  New Cables
$80 pair
  New Wheels
      * Standard sizes only

$15 each
  Single Door Full Overhaul (Includes all of the above)
      * Standard sizes only
from $300
  Double Door Full Overhaul (Includes all of the above)
      * Standard sizes only
from $450

Bring your door back to life with a hardware package to suit your garage door. If your door is noisy a number of things could be contributing to this. If the garage door is over five years old, it could be the hinges, wheels, springs, or even the motor if your door has one.

The best solution to make your door as good as new is with a Full Overhaul. After purchasing a Full Overhaul your door is guarenteed to be quieter, and with all our hardware packages you receive a full check up, rebalancing and alignment. You also save $60 - $80 not to mention the call out fee's for doing it all separately.


garage shed

All our garage door motors are super quiet with the latest in technology and DC Motors. This helps to reduce the sound vibrating through your door.

        Roll Up Garage Door Motor
      Sectional Garage Door Motor

From $500.00 
From $500.00 

Call Alberto for an over the phone quote for the possibility of recieving a further discount on 0422 446 822.


All of Abeta's hardware packages come standard with 12 months warranty. However, if you purchase a Full Overhaul service you will receive up to four years warranty. *Conditions apply.